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Dylan Clarke’s Run in the Pittsburgh Marathon to Support the Jimmy Hauburger Memorial Foundation

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May 1, 2016


EVENT: Pittsburgh Marathon 2016

EVENT DATE: MAY 01, 2016


Hi, my name is Dylan Clarke. In September 2015, a classmate of mine from high school took his own life. The tragedy shook our entire community, and sparked efforts to implement anti-bullying legislation.  In October, the Jimmy Hauburger Memorial Foundation was founded to advocate for reform and to support programs that increase awareness of teen issues such as bullying, emotional distress and teen suicide.

During high school, the notion of bullying rarely crossed many of my classmates’ minds. Unless directly affected by it, most people opted to disregard the warning signs, and sometimes blatant attacks. Teachers and counselors did their best to intervene, but the problem still persisted.

My high school is not unlike other secondary schools across the United States. This problem exists everywhere, and it has become alarmingly difficult to deal with as so much can be said from behind a cell phone or computer screen. I believe organizations like the Jimmy Hauburger Memorial Foundation are vital in establishing preventative measures and other support networks for students everywhere. These organizations need all the help they can get in their battle against bullying, and all donations are welcome.

In running the Pittsburgh Marathon, I hope to encourage others to step up when they see someone else being mistreated, or to reach out to somebody who needs their help. To my fellow participants and the people of Pittsburgh, I hope you choose to join me, whether it is out on the roads or in the classroom, in the pursuit of a better tomorrow for students all across America.

Thank you.